Round Preview

Round Preview

By Nathan Dole

BALRANALD will be aiming to lift the Central Murray FNL senior footy premiership cup for the first time since 2009 when it tackles Kerang in Saturday’s grand final at Swan Hill Recreation Reserve.

The showdown of the Kangaroos and Blues in the Radio 3SH-sponsored competition starts at 2.45pm.

An unbeaten run by Kerang was broken when Balranald dominated the second semi-final.

A Kangaroos’ attack led by Ben Fuller and Drew Lloyd on four goals, and Jack Betts medallist Jydon Neagle with three charged to a 115-65 victory.

Balranald won every quarter as Matthew Neagle, Kobe Lloyd, Harrison Soraggi and Ryan Middlebrook were best.

The Blues’ attack was led by Tyson Clingan, coach Troy Coates and Caleb Nitschke on two.

Best for Kerang in that contest were Sean and Josh Hunter, Ryan Gillingham and Tyson Clingan.

Victory in the second semi followed Balranald’s seven-point triumph in the qualifying final against Woorinen.

In pursuit of back-to-back premierships and its 10th in the Central Murray, Kerang hit back to win the preliminary final against Nyah Nyah West United Demons by 81 points.

Both matches between Balranald and Kerang in the home-and-away series were closely-fought.

Kerang won the round six clash at Riverside Park by eight points.

The Blues marked a 94-86 victory at Balranald’s Greenham Park in the 17th round.

Key match-ups in the grand final include the ruck where Jordan Wilkins takes on Kerang’s Nick Lang who joined the Blues after an outstanding career with Kangaroo Flat.

Balranald’s defence led by Toby Lay, Jaxon Neagle and Jack Salau is up against Adam Hunter, Michael Dalrymple and Troy Coates.

The Kangaroos have Ben Fuller, Drew Lloyd and Jydon Neagle as targets in defence.

Massive test for Blues’ defenders Troy Davis, Sam Heavyside, Josh Hunter and Jesse Clark.

In the on-ball duels the Roos will look to Colin Andrews, Ethan Gant and Ryan Middlebrook against the experienced Martin Kelly, Josh Nitschke and Sean Hunter.


B: Jack Jones, Toby Lay, Harrison Soraggi.

HB: Jack Salau, Jaxon Neagle, Matthew Neagle.

C: Ian Fuller, Colin Andrews, Kobe Lloyd.

HF: Jarryd Stead, Drew Lloyd, Seth Connell.

F: Jydon Neagle, Ben Fuller, Leyland Brougham.

Foll: Jordan Wilkins, Ryan Middlebrook, Ethan Gant.

Inter: Rory Fitzgerald, Jack Helgeland, Ned Lay, Tom Salau.


B: Jesse Clark, Troy Davis, Gregor Knight.

HB: Sam Heavyside, Josh Hunter, Lachlan Ross.

C: Hayden Hall, Josh Nitschke, Ryan Gillingham.

HF: Josh Hann, Michael Dalrymple, Troy Coates.

F: Rylee Smith, Adam Hunter, Bradlee Pay.

Foll: Nick Lang, Martin Kelly, Sean Hunter.

Inter: Tyson Clingan, Ashley Davis, Liam Jardine, Caleb Nitschke.


Having fought from an elimination final, Lake Boga takes on Kerang in the reserves grand final at 12.30pm.

These teams met just once in the home-and-away series where Kerang won 50-37 at Lake Boga Sports Club in the ninth round.

The Blues won the second semi-final against Woorinen by eight goals.

A great run by Lake Boga began with a 53-point victory against Mallee Eagles in the elimination final.

Since then the Magpies have soared to wins against Nyah Nyah West United in the first semi, and Woorinen in the preliminary final.

Players to watch for Kerang include Rylee Gitsham, Laine Harry, captain Jotham Higgs, Cody Makeham and Cody Tuohey.

Stars in Lake Boga’s run have included Kyle Brawn, Patrick Bryan, Nelson Ibbs, Shannon O’Reilly and Tobie Richardson.


B: Laine Harry, Lachlan Hall, Tom Dunham.

HB: Ethan McKnight, Jonathon Roberts, Cody Makeham.

C: Nicholas Murray, Cody Tuohey, Logan Tuohey.

HF: Kyle Franzini, Jonah McKnight, Harrison Saunders.

F: Jotham Higgs, Michael Runciman, Alex Lloyd.

Foll: Rylee Gitsham, Jordan McNeil, Nicholas Pay

Inter: Josh Free, Samuel Nitschke, Brodie Meehan, Jordan Clingan

Lake Boga:

B: Patrick Storer, Dylan McCosh, Daniel Haines.

HB: Nelson Ibbs, Taylor Johnstone, Jayden Trebilcock.

C: Noah Sherlock, Kyle Brawn, Gary Goodes.

HF: Byron Holt, Patrick Bryan, Xander Hartland.

F: Shannon O’Reilly, Oliver Rohde, Brody Palmer.

Foll: Hunter Hartland, Tobie Richardson, Mitchell Whitfield.

Inter: Samuel Baber, Jake Hepburn, Nash McDonald, Nicholas Higginbottom.


The rising stars from Woorinen and Lake Boga clash in the Colts play-off at 10.45am.

Woorinen won both matches in the home-and-away series by margins of 40 and six points in round six and 17.

Lake Boga featured on day one of the finals series when it was beaten in the qualifying final by Kerang by 13 points.

The Tigers beat Kerang in the second semi by 33 points.

Lake Boga won a hard-fought first semi against Swan Hill, 43-39, and dominated last Saturday’s preliminary final against Kerang to beat the Blues by nine goals.


B: Hudson Garner, Cooper Beasley, Oscar Holland.

HB: Noah Starrs, Otto Conlan, Oscar Thornton.

C: Liam Edwards, Xavier Johnson, Brooklyn Whitla.

HF: Juan Kruger, Shaun Kirby, Rayden Garner.

F: Harper Holland, Hugh Thompson, Adam Saunders.

Foll: Tahj Bolton, Charlie King, William Rush.

Inter: Lachlan Bedggood, Blake Mazzarella, Jed Young, Tyson Zucco.

Lake Boga:

B: Noah Noble, Parker Tonkin, Willem Pye.

Hb: Zac Palmer, Dustin Holmes, Xavier Sherlock.

C: Harry Bryan, Ryan Harvey, Cooper Doolan.

Hf: Rylan Barnes, Nicholas Taylor, Bodi Clune.

F: Koben Ryan, Charlie Bryan, Ned Ayson.

Foll: Kai Everett, Harrison Bull, Blaizeee Parsons.

Inter: Patrick Dear, Iszac Green, Kelly Mulligan, Macca Neil, Gus Tonkin.


Grand final day kicks off at 8.50am when Lake Boga plays Tooleybuc Manangatang in the Mildura Health Fund-sponsored under-14 ½ grand final.

The grand finalists met in the second semi where Lake Boga marked a 54-37 victory.

Previous meeting was the 11th round where Lake Boga won 30-10 on home turf.

The finals campaign for the Saints from Tooleybuc Manangatang began with a 41-15 victory against Kerang in the qualifying final.

After defeat in the second semi the Saints struck back for a 94-point win against Kerang in the preliminary final on the Tooleybuc ground.

Lake Boga:

B: Victor Lazarou, Bailey Ray, Harrison Brown.

HB: Joel Schneider, Bryce Anderson, Reef Mulligan.

C: Jake Steer, Max O’Reilly, Lucas O’Reilly.

HF: Rory Davies, Connor Frazzica, Kye Fleming.

F: Flynn Barnes, Lachlan Bull, Jarra Kelly.

Foll: Archer Hartland, Maximus Caruso, Willem Holmes.

Inter: Vin Mobilio, Cassidy Dunn, Elijah Ray, Tait Colville, Ryka Klomp, Axel Kirsten, Matthew Haines

Tooleybuc Manangatang:

B: Kruz Hazlett, Jude Atkinson, Billy Kentish.

HB: Callum Muir, Charlie Elford, Morgan Ryder.

C: Jedd Morris, Rydar Morris, Ryan Fraser.

HF: Julian Muir, Cooper Plant, Jasper Plant.

F: Oliver Spinks, Connor Hazlett, Noah Perry-Atkins.

Foll: Zachary Lehner, Jacob Zanker, Campbell Fisher.

Inter: Riley Hughes, Aidan Plant, Mason Forster, Jakson Turvey, Travis Ballam-Bruton.

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